Convention Exhibit Displays: Styles And Considerations

Planning an exhibit for a convention requires careful thought and strategy. One of the key elements to consider is the style of display to be used. The right display can help captivate the audience, making a brand stand out among the competition. This article explores different styles of displays to consider for a convention exhibit.

Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays serve as a practical choice for conventions due to their portability and ease of assembly. These displays feature lightweight frames that expand and collapse, onto which graphic panels or fabric covers are attached. It's possible to choose from various sizes and configurations, ensuring a fit for every booth space. Despite their simplicity, pop-up displays can still make a significant impact with high-quality graphics and strategic lighting.

Banner Stands

Another versatile option is banner stands. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, from retractable and telescopic to fabric tube banners. These stands can be used alone for smaller exhibits or combined to create a larger display. With their compact design, banner stands are easy to transport and set up. High-resolution graphics on these banners can effectively communicate a brand's message and draw attention even from a distance.

Modular Displays

For those seeking flexibility, modular displays are an excellent choice. These systems are composed of interchangeable components that can be easily adapted to suit various spaces and requirements. This versatility allows for a fresh look at each convention without the need for entirely new displays. Built with materials like aluminum, fabric, and acrylic, modular displays offer a balance between durability and lightweight design.

Tabletop Displays

Ideal for smaller spaces or tight budgets, tabletop displays sit atop tables, counters, or other flat surfaces. Despite their compact size, they can still be quite effective. Tabletop displays use bold graphics and concise messaging and can engage attendees and convey key information. They're also extremely portable, making setup and transportation a breeze.

Tower Displays

Tower displays are a standout choice for making a strong impression. These tall structures can be seen from across the convention floor, drawing attendees' attention and increasing foot traffic to the booth. Towers can be used to display branding, messaging, or even product samples on all sides, maximizing visibility. They also provide a sense of structure to the exhibit, helping to define spaces without closing off the booth.

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