3 Little-Known Facts No One Understands About Headstone Monuments

While it may seem simple, choosing a headstone is never easy. There are so many emotions wrapped up in the process. However, there are also a few secrets. Here's what no one understands about headstone monuments.

Be Patient  

Headstones take time. Many headstone monuments are hand-carved, a process that cannot be rushed. Additionally, headstone placement has to wait for the right weather conditions. In northern climates, the ground needs to thaw in the spring before you can securely place the headstone monument. Some families have to wait months for completion. While this little-known fact may be frustrating and disruptive to your grieving process, be patient and remember that the monument will be a fitting tribute to your loved one when it's completed and installed.

Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Choosing a headstone monument for your loved one's grave can be overwhelming. Give yourself permission to take the time you need, and don't worry if you don't have everything figured out right away.

There Is No 'Standard'

Choosing a headstone monument is different for everyone. There is no 'standard' option. Every headstone is unique to the person for whom it's made. Some families opt for more traditional designs, while others want something unique. There are countless shapes, sizes, materials, engravings, and symbols to choose from.

Additionally, the epitaph you choose does not have to follow any rules. It can be a favorite quote, part of a poem, or just a simple phrase. The only thing that matters is that it accurately captures who your loved one was. If including an inside joke on your loved one's headstone monument feels right, do it.

Maintenace Is Crucial

Headstone monuments can last for decades or more but also require regular maintenance. While many cemeteries may state they offer 'perpetual care,' they are typically referring to landscaping and general maintenance of the grounds, not individual gravesites. Many people are surprised to learn this fact.

To keep your monument looking its best, you should regularly check it for signs of damage and clean it with mild soap, water, and a soft-bristled brush. With regular care, your headstone will remain in good condition and continue to serve as a tribute to your loved one.

A headstone monument is more than just a marker. It reflects the life and personality of someone who was well-loved. Headstone monuments are an enduring and permanent symbol of your loved one's memory.