Power Pole Tags: All You Need To Know

Power companies need power poles to support their electric wires and to facilitate the transmission of electricity to consumers. Utility poles need regular inspections and servicing in order to function seamlessly. And for that to happen, inspectors and other technicians have to identify specific poles. That is more so in an area with many power poles belonging to different companies. For that reason, power pole tags are indispensable.

Reasons to Use Power Pole Tags

Power pole tags are a system of identification that makes inspection and servicing easier. These tags are made from various materials, including steel and aluminum. In most cases, they carry information like the identity of the pole's owner, contact details, maintenance needs, and other safety precautions. If you want to map your utility poles more efficiently, power pole tags should probably be your go-to solution. The reason being that you can use barcode pole tags with relevant geographical information system mapping solutions to collect data concerning your poles and undertake accurate mapping.

Furthermore, since power pole tags contain details about your company, inspectors can quickly and precisely identify the right ones. That reduces the chances of your team working on poles from a competitor company or missing some that you actually own. Besides, power poles are susceptible to numerous problems, including falling over, clashing power lines, and improper grounding. Plus, the crossarms can deteriorate to a point where they can't hold wires as effectively, or the electric wires may hang too low. All these problems require urgent attention. Fortunately, your team can isolate problematic poles and fix them immediately with power pole tags to avoid outages and downtimes.

What to Look for in Power Pole Tags

Buying the correct power pole tags needs careful consideration since there are many options available today. To ensure you end up with ideal products, consider the following:

1. Visibility

A power pole tag that is hard to see defeats the purpose. As such, you need to find tags that your team will find easily. Remember, your company likely has many power poles that need inspection and servicing. Therefore, the experts responsible for your infrastructure don't have the luxury of wasting time trying to decipher tags. Go with brightly colored tags that have discernible markings which are readable, even from a distance.

2. Durability

Power pole tags get installed on utility poles that are out in the open. That means they will receive a fair share of battering from the weather elements. So you should pick weatherproof tags that are guaranteed to last longer in harsh weather. Some of the most durable tags are made from painted or galvanized metal.

3. Numbering system

Reputable power pole manufacturers understand how tagging works. For example, an experienced manufacturer knows that tags for concrete power poles are different from those designed for wooden poles. Such knowledge ensures they provide suitable tags that are less likely to confuse your team. Plus, the engraving on the tags should contain numbers, letters, and symbols that your team understands. 

Keep these tips in mind as you look for power pole tags.