3 Tips On What To Put On Your Banner For Summer Outdoor Events

If your business is going to attend a variety of outdoor events this summer, you are going to need a way to identify your business and your booth. The most common way to identify your business is with a banner. A banner is a great way to identify your business because you can customize its appearance and it is easy to store and move around to different locations. The key to an effective banner is to know what to put on your banner.

#1 Business Name

One of the most important things you can put on your banner is the game of your business. This should be one of the primary elements of your banner.  You want the name of your business to stand out.

To make the name of your business stand out, you should use some of the biggest font on the banner on your business name. You should place your business name in the center top of your banner to make it easy for people to identify the name of your business.

If you already have an established logo or font for writing your business name, use the same font and style that you use on other signs and advertising. This will create cohesiveness between your business sign and your other forms of advertising and make it easier for people to identify your business.

#2 Logo

If your business has a logo, you should also include your business logo on your sign. Once again, use the same logo that you use on your other business advertisement. This will help create a more cohesive message across your various channels and make it easier for people at the events you attend to identify your business.

The size of your logo depends upon the other information that you want to include on your sign. If your logo contains your business name, you may want to make it large and front and center. If your logo is less identifiable than your business name, putting it small in the corner of your banner works as well.

#3 Specific Message

Finally, you can also put a specific message on your banner as well. Are you offering a free consultation at your booth? Are you selling something special? If there is something special about your booth that will help draw people to you, include that specific information on your banner.

This information should go below your name and logo. It should be written in a different font than your business name to make it stand out. The font size should be slightly smaller than your business name but still large enough to read from a distance.

The three main things that you should write on your banner are your business name, logo, and specific message. Don't make your business sign to busy; stick to the basic information that will draw people to your booth and identify what your booth is about. Contact a service, like Signs BY Tomorrow, for more help.