Two Easy Ways to Make Office Employees Feel at Home in a Cubicle

Pretty much every office employee wonders just what it would feel like to get that dream job and that corner office with a view. But in most business offices it's not feasible for very many employees to get their own private office space; instead, they get cubicles.

Cubicles can get a bad rap, but they really do function well as dividing fixtures in an open office space. Of course, cubicles can feel a little mundane and generic for employees who may be eyeballing that gorgeous private office space. The good news is that there are some easy ways to help your employees feel a little more at home in a cubicle. 

Cubicle Name Plates

If you are a manager or leader in your office, there's a pretty good chance that you do have that nice private office, and when you got it, you likely got to experience sliding your name into the plate on the door. You may not be able to give every employee their own room, but even a cubicle can get its own cubicle name plate to add a more personalized touch. Cubicle name plates are a fairly inexpensive way to personalize a cubicle, and they offer the additional advantage of knowing who is located in what cubicle.

Cubicle name plates tend to be acrylic or metal sign holders that slip over the upper rim of the cubicle wall. A paper or plastic sheet with a printed name can be slid into place under a protective sleeve.Therefore, no fancy engraving has to be done to make an employee feel more at home. 

Cubicle Furnishings

You don't have to go all out, and the expense budget may not allow for much, but sticking just a few extra furnishings in a cubicle space gives it a much more "home" feel and a much less "work" vibe. For example, you could make sure the cubicle has its own lamp for when an employee needs a little extra light, or you could put down a throw rug for a little comfort beneath the feet. 

Even the slightest furnishings in the cubicle will make your employee feel more comfortable at work. But if there's room in the budget, you could also go all out: add picture frames on the wall for employees to fill, install a cork board for people to hang notes on, or ensure there is a small coffee pot right there waiting in each group of cubicles.