Ideas For Using Vinyl Banners And Signs For Your Child's Birthday Party

If you're planning a birthday party for your child at a local park or at your home, you'll probably want signs for different purposes. While you could make signs out of poster boards, a more durable option would be to have custom vinyl banners made. These come in different sizes and would be ideal for the following uses.

Directional Signs

You can have small vinyl banners made that make perfect directional signs. Apply text stating the event along with an arrow that directs drivers which way to turn. These signs are helpful if you live in a subdivision with a lot of turns that is difficult for strangers to navigate. Attach a couple of balloons so the signs can be noticed from a distance. Be sure to get permission from property owners before you place signs in their yards. Also, be sure you have permission before placing directional signs at a public place such as a local park.

Welcome Banner

A welcome banner in your front yard or at a shelter house alerts guests to the party location and also sets the festive mood for the party. You might want a large banner that hangs from the roof or one that attaches to poles. The banner can be customized with text of your choosing and made from a variety of colors, so they catch the eye of people looking for your party.

Party Banner

A large party banner in your backyard or indoors at the party location adds to the festivities and makes your child feel special. Customize it with the date and your child's name so the banner can be saved as a souvenir. You can even use your child's favorite colors on the banner to make it more special. You may want it hung high off the ground to overlook the event, or you may want it close to the ground to use as a backdrop for birthday photos.

Informational Signs

If you're having a large party, you may want smaller vinyl signs made that inform and direct your guests. For instance, you could make a sign with arrows that point one way toward food and another way toward restrooms. Signs can also be posted that state rules such as no shoes in bounce houses or no food in the pool.

You'll probably find endless uses for signs at your party since they can be customized any way you want. Since they are professionally made, they are more appealing than homemade signs made of paper or cardboard. Plus, vinyl is durable, so you don't have to worry about signs being ruined when it rains.

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