3 Signs Your Driveway Could Use A Cable Guardrail System

For the most part, people consider guardrails of any type as something you see only on highways and roadways. However, guardrails can serve just the same purposes of protection on a private driveway. Specifically, cable guard rails make a good implementation on private driveways because they are not as expensive but still do provide the same levels of protection. Plus, cable guard rails are a lot easier to have installed. How do you know your driveway needs a cable guardrail system? Here are a few signs that should tell you that it would be a good idea to install a cable guardrail system alongside sections of your private driveway.

There is an unexpected change in tilt of the drive at some point.

When a driveway is cut out through a diverse terrain, it means that the driveway may not always be the most even or easygoing path to travel. In some cases, the driveway will even tilt in levelness to one side or the other. If your driveway has a section that does tilt dramatically to one side, it is best to have a guardrail alongside the most tilted side of the drive. Because gravity can naturally push a vehicle in the downward direction, the guardrail will serve as protection just in case. 

There is a steep decline on either side of the drive in certain areas. 

Some driveways have to be built up with aggregate, concrete, and other materials to make them logically easier to travel with a vehicle. Some driveways are carved out into the sides of a rocky mountain or cliff. In these kinds of situations, it can mean there is a steep drop on one side of the driveway or both sides. Installing a guardrail in these high-risk areas is super important to protect yourself and anyone else who may consistently use the driveway to your home. 

There is a body of water alongside your drive in one area. 

Even if a body of water is level with the drive, it still does pose a risk when it is situated alongside any type of road where vehicles constantly travel. This is because one wrong move could land a driver and their vehicle submerged in the water, which is incredibly dangerous. Having a guardrail in place protects drivers from accidentally veering off of the drive and into the water. So even if it is just a creek, pond, or another small body of water, some form of edging protection is a great idea. 

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