Need An Inexpensive Marketing Boost For Your Business? How To Get More From Signage

Well before the age of digital marketing, signage was the preferred marketing method for successful businesses, and for good reason. Well-designed signs are capable of drawing the eye of potential customers and clients, even during the hours when the business is closed. Even better, a great sign can play on the emotions of the viewer, or have some other quality that makes the business itself more memorable. If you are ready to boost the appeal of your business in an attempt to attract more clients or customers and increase your profit margins, improving your current signage is a great place to begin. 

Assess current signage for potential problems 

The first step to ensuring your business is well-represented with excellent signage is to assess current signage for any potential issues or problems that may exist. As you examine the signs currently on your building or in your windows, look for issues such as: 

  • fading or discoloration from weather or sun exposure
  • obstructions that prevent your signage from being seen, such as other signage, lights, vines, or trees
  • invalid or incomplete information, such as erroneous pricing, phone numbers that no longer apply, or no mention of the company's web site address
  • broken or damaged supports or hangers 
  • lighting that is no longer in working order

If problems are noted, the signs should be taken down and repaired or redesigned, as needed. When doing this, make sure to check with local authorities to see if any changes in signage regulations have occurred since the original signage was installed and then make any adjustments needed to ensure compliance. If the existing signage seems drab or boring, consider having it redesigned to freshen it and add more appeal.

Expand business signage to vehicles and billboards

Once you have dealt with any issues that may exist in the current signage for your business, it is time to consider expanding that impact onto business vehicles and billboards. Signage contractors will be able to easily create vehicle wraps and billboard covers to attract the attention of thousands more potential clients and customers. The use of vehicle graphics and wraps on company vehicles acts like a very economical moving billboard, with no further fees or costs after the initial purchase is made and the installation is complete.

For even more ideas to help you improve business signage and boost appeal in your market place, contact your local sign contractor. These professionals can help you with all aspects of great signage, including sign design, logo development, installation, and custom products, such as vehicle wraps and billboard graphics.