3 Reasons Buyers Aren't Looking At Your Commercial Properties

As a commercial real estate agent, the goal is to sell your clients' properties as fast as possible. So, when you can't even get potential buyers to come through the door to view the property — it's a major problem. In some instances, it's the price point, the area, or simply that buyers in the area aren't interested in what the property has to offer. However, in many instances, it's a mistake you're making. Learn how you can get more buyers attracted to your commercial properties.


One of the first things people see when they drive up to a business is the lawn, flowerbed, or other outdoor space. Don't forget that your potential buyers are also included in this category. 

If your properties don't have professional landscaping, they're likely not very attractive to potential buyers. Hire a landscaping company to come and look over the exterior to see what types of the updates you can make to dramatically change the appearance of the building's exterior and make it more appealing.


A business needs to make money, and the key to a business's ability to earn profits is being able to stand out from the competition. Quite naturally, commercial buildings need to have some personality. If your building looks exactly like the one next door, this style won't work. 

While you don't have to undertake a massive construction project, there are small updates you can do to give the property more personality and make it stand out from everyone else. You can suggest that the client paint the front door in a unique color, for example. Although this update is minor in the grand scheme, it can make a big difference in the overall look and character of the building. 


One reason you may not be attracting buyers to the property is that you don't have any signage, or that you have poor signage. A buyer can't possibly locate the property that they don't even know exists. Make sure you have your signage prepared by a professional company. 

In addition to creating a better-looking sign, these companies also know what elements are most important for real estate, and they can even help you chose the best sign to withstand the lemons in your local climate. You can give the company your information, and they can help you create a sign in no time.

Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, you should be able to follow these tips and quickly resolve the issue and attract more buyers to your properties. 

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