LED Signs: 3 Tips For Designing The Text

When you are designing an LED sign, the most important thing that you need to remember is that your target audience needs to be able to read and understand the message that you are trying to tell them. Your primary goal is to make an impact and essentially stand out in a crowd. If your sign blends in with the surrounding environment, then it will not be effective because it won't grab the attention of passersby. Here are three things that you need to take into consideration when designing your LED sign.

1. Font Type

The visibility of the overall sign message is impacted by the type of font that you use. You will want to avoid using thin fonts, as these can and often will decrease the visibility of the text. They also tend to be difficult to read from a distance. As a general rule, you should stick to basic fonts such as serif and sans serif as well as most bold and italic fonts.

2. Font Size

Apart from the type of font that you use, you will also want to focus on the size of the font in order to attract passersby. If the font is too small, they will need to squint to read it. In addition, they may not be able to read it until they are close-up to the sign, which could lead them to only being able to read a portion of your message before passing by the sign. Overall, large fonts will enhance readability, which will ensure that people can read your message at a greater distance thereby allowing them additional time to process it.

3. Number of Fonts and Sizes

There is nothing wrong with combining font types, sizes and even colors. After all, this will help grab passersby's attention and help in effectively communicating your message. However, you do want to keep things to a minimum, as too much of something can make the LED sign look cluttered, degrade your message's legibility, and confuse your readers. Therefore, try to limit font types, colors and sizes to two or three, as this will help keep things organized and consistent.

Final Tips:

  • Avoid putting your text in all capital letters, as it makes it less legible.
  • Fancy font styles should be avoided, as they make the text harder to read, especially at a distance.
  • Make your text bold to grab the reader's attention.
  • Use contrasting text and background colors (such as dark on light or light on dark).
  • Make sure your sign text can breathe. Avoid overcrowding or it will be difficult to read and understand.

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