Three Color Options For A Catcher's Fingernail Stickers

When a baseball catcher displays their fingers in a way that reveals what pitch they want their pitcher to throw, it's imperative that the pitcher can clearly identify this sign. If the pitcher is unable to see what fingers the catcher is displaying, they might throw a pitch that the catcher isn't expecting — potentially resulting in a passed ball that allows the other team's base runners to advance and perhaps even score a run. A catcher can significantly increase the visibility of their fingers by using enhancement stickers. This product is popular at many levels of the game, including in the big leagues. Fingernail stickers are available in many different colors. Here are some options to consider.

Fluorescent Colors

The goal of fingernail stickers is to make a catcher's fingertips more visible to the pitcher as they stand on the mound, so many catchers choose stickers that are as bright as possible. These products are readily available in all sorts of fluorescent shades. For example, you'll commonly see fluorescent yellow, red, orange, and more. The brightness of the stickers will stand out as the catcher displays their finger between their thighs, ensuring that the pitcher is clearly able to see them.

Team Colors

Many baseball catchers like the idea of having their equipment match their uniforms. For example, a catcher whose team wears a blue uniform will often buy leg protectors, a chest protector, and a mask that are all blue. If you're a catcher with this mindset, you might like the idea of choosing fingernail stickers that match your team's colors. You have the option of choosing blue for each sticker, but you can also choose a secondary color. For example, if your team's uniforms are blue and white, you can alternate blue and white stickers on your fingers.

Occasion-Specific Colors

There may be different times during the baseball season when a catcher wishes to wear fingernail stickers in occasion-specific colors. For example, if the team is playing a tournament on the Fourth of July long weekend, the catcher might alternate red, white, and blue stickers on their fingers. Some teams occasionally wear special uniforms to pay tribute to different causes. For example, if your team wears pink jerseys in honor of cancer awareness, you might decide to wear pink fingernail stickers to tie in with your overall look. Shop for catcher fingernail enhancement stickers online or at your local baseball equipment retailer.