3 Tips To Elevate The Design Of Your Ornamental Signs

Signs serve a wide range of purposes in modern society. Businesses use signs to help with advertising, governments use signs to identify landmarks, and homeowners use signs to decorate their yards and living spaces.

Ornamental signs provide a unique and attractive aesthetic — but only when they are designed correctly.

Here are three tips that you can use to elevate the design of your ornamental signs (no matter what their purpose will be) in the future.

1. Use Creative Shapes

Many of the signs that people see each day are either round or rectangular. Ornamental sign design gives you the ability to break the mold and create a sign with a unique and organic shape. Creative signs incorporate free-form shapes to help draw the interest of onlookers.

If you are able to eliminate a hard geometric boundary from the exterior edge of your ornamental sign, the overall aesthetic will be much more interesting.

2. Use Color Carefully

The use of color can transform a sign from ordinary to extraordinary. Many people think that an ornamental design needs to feature multiple brightly-colored elements, but this isn't the case. The signs that are able to have the greatest impact are those that use color carefully.

Incorporate color into your ornamental sign design in ways that will draw the focus of onlookers to specific elements. Color can be used in a strategic way to make your ornamental sign more readable and increase its visibility from a distance.

3. Simplify the Design

The word 'ornamental' isn't typically associated with simplicity, but it's important that you keep your design whims in check as you work to create an effective ornamental sign. Too many design elements included in the sign can create a cluttered look.

A sign that has been over-designed is often messy and difficult to decipher. Each of the elements that you include in your ornamental sign design should have a purpose in supporting the overall design theme. Avoid fonts that are too elaborate to remain legible when combined with the other decorative elements in your sign.

When you simplify your design a bit, you make it easier for onlookers to see the beauty and creativity of your ornamental sign and not just a cluttered palette. Creating a custom sign isn't always cheap. You don't want to waste money fabricating an ornamental sign design that will be ineffective in the end.

Remember to use creative shapes, carefully place color, and simplify your design to ensure the readability and appeal of your next ornamental sign.

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